Before I enter into an appraisal of the course materials in the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track system I feel it would be helpful to define exactly what an experience of lucid dreaming might be. We’ve all dreamt after all. We’ve all had moments of  reverie when our imaginations have soared to unexpected heights, and we’ve all experienced the disorientation and absurdity that can manifest in the dream world. Yet, for the sake of clarity, what are people talking about when they talk about lucid dreaming? What is a lucid dream?

Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dream: Surrealism and Absurdity.

The Lucid Dream: Surrealism and Absurdity.

Lucid dreaming occurs in the dream state when you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming but do not awaken. It is a moment of realisation within the dream which, if the dreamer can learn to control, opens the door for a more active engagement with the unconscious dreaming process.

Lucidity in a dream holds out the hope of something beyond the passive and screen view types of regular dreaming. It offers the chance to actively influence the outcome of the dream, to construct the dream environment, to select and imagine events, and to interact with the characters of the dream. When the technique is mastered it results in a greater and deeper level of fantasy in which the impossible can be attempt and desires can be fulfilled. When all is said and done, who wouldn’t want to learn how to lucid dream?

Lucid Dream Your Way To Excellence.

Lucid dreaming is not all about gaining the perfect hedonistic sleep though. As much as I feel drawn to the prospect of nightly fantasies that I can directly influence there exists a more serious side to this phenomenon that deserves attention. Lucid dreaming can affect your waking life too.

It has been established for many years that the process of actively engaging in the technique of lucid dreaming makes it possible to affect the outcome of your daily life. Sleep and dreaming have been, for many years, researched by the psychology departments of the greatest universities on the planet and the subject is mainstream enough to receive funding from governments, businesses and investors. As a subject it has it’s own role call of stars, it’s league of hero’s and it’s innovators. Lucid dreaming is part of a tradition of excellence.

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There have been cases of surgeons using the technique of lucid dreaming to practice surgery in their sleep, and in doing so improving their waking life outcomes. Using lucid dreaming techniques as a way of rehearsing for success in daily life is well documented and is now part of the folk lore that surrounds the subject. Public speaking, athletic performance, crisis management; there is literally nothing that lucid dreaming cannot help you to achieve.

Lucid Dream

The Lucidity Institute.

When talking about lucid dreaming it is almost essential to mention the work of the Lucidity Institute. Established as a private research company by Dr. Stephan LaBerge, the Lucidity Institute is the home of lucid dreaming. The institute facilitates several retreats throughout the year, engages in publicising the field of lucid dreaming, and conducts lucid dreaming research into the various branches of the subject. They are currently pursuing several projects, and have a strong focus on mapping the activity of the brain during lucid dreaming, delving into the practice of Tibetan dream yoga, and training people in the arts of conscious awareness.


The World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track includes much of what has been learnt from the pioneering work of the institute and builds on those foundations to take the uninitiated on a journey into full dream awareness.