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Lucid Dreaming

Hi, you’ll find here a comprehensive, unabridged and entirely independent review of the materials available through the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

I’ll cover all angles in appraising the World Of Lucid Dreaming and test the 60 day guarantee that promises a lucid dream for anyone that signs up. I’ll do the review here, and record the outcome of the test in the form of a 60 day dream journal that will form a separate page on this site. The journal will continue for as long as it takes for me to have three fully lucid dreams within the 60 day period. Testing the course should be fun, as I obviously have no way of knowing what may manifest during my dreams and will honestly record what arises. Hopefully the guarantee will not be required and at the end of the 60 days I’ll have mastered the technique of lucid dreaming; giving you all the evidence you need before grabbing yourself a copy of the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

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So, what exactly is included in the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

Well, the guide is aimed at beginners who are looking to develop a better understanding of lucid dreaming, those people wishing to learn some techniques to aid the process, and people with an interest who would value a lifetime of updates and expansions aimed at keeping the course as current as possible. Everything you’ll need is included in the course, and a heap of stuff that hasn’t even been discovered yet. The lifetime of updates are impossible to value, but simply having the willingness to make this part of the package speaks volumes of the author’s commitment to the project.


The world Of Lucid Dreaming comes in three parts:

  • A comprehensive 111 page e-book called The Art Of Lucid Dreaming which covers the history of dream research, techniques of lucid dreaming, practical lessons on dream control and a selection of challenges aimed at perfecting the technique.
  • A second ebook called The Guided Meditation Handbook which instructs the reader in the link between meditation and lucid dreaming, offers guidance on night-time meditation and provides some visualisation and advanced dream programming advice.
  • The Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis MP3. A recording designed to be listened to during the first stages of sleep and which it is claimed helps to induce lucid dreams and altered states of awareness.

Taken as a multi-layered introduction to lucid dreaming the material is in my view more than equal to the task. The books are informative, well structured, and well written. They are neither too academic nor too descriptive, and in fact showcase a nice balance between including recent research in neuroscience and the essential direct and practical instruction that the reader desires.

Believe me, countless shelves of books on dreams have been written from within the paradigms of the numerous psychoanalytic schools of thought, each dissecting and using the dreams recorded during analytic sessions to support a particular view of the world. They are interesting in their own way but not one of them would bring a person closer to actually mastering the techniques of lucid dreaming. Fortunately, for those wishing to achieve this end, The Art Of Lucid Dreaming does not fall into the trap of becoming a book of interpretations. Other than a glancing nod in the direction of Freud, Jung and dream symbolism The Art Of Lucid Dreaming remains unfalteringly focused on the subject of inducing lucid dreams.

I won’t go into the various techniques discussed in the first book of the World Of Lucid Dreaming, partly because they will be mentioned in the dream journal pages of the site, however suffice to say that the techniques are those developed in specialist dream labs and those that have been handed down from generation to generation by monks from within the Buddhist meditation tradition.

The book is well worth the read, and in fact rewards a second and third read, as it contains a rich blend of information and guidance. The only quibble I would have is with the illustrations, they were not particularly to my liking but were not intrusive to the read so their inclusion is hardly a problem.

I would therefore award the first part of the World of Lucid Dreaming a score of 8/10. More could have been included on recent lucid dream research, but there is plenty on the phases of sleep, brain imaging and the recording of electrical brain activity to partially satisfy my academic tastes. For the average reader I would say the author has got it just about right.

The second ebook in the World Of Lucid Dreaming package is the book on guided meditations. Now this is something I am less familiar with in a critical sense but have quite a lot of experience with as a layman. For several years of my life I lived on a barge and wiled away my hours in silent meditation. I practised a number of mantras and anapanna  meditation, and even attended several Vipassana Buddhist retreats where absolute silence was maintained for the duration of the stay. During this time an unsteady mind was slowly stilled and I developed a state of consciousness that I unfortunately do not enjoy today. In fact the meditation was so intense that I actually experienced one of my most vividly numinous and luminous dreams during this time, and it is this in part that has inspired me to revisit the world of lucid dreaming.

The Guided Meditation Handbook and the Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis MP3 are companion pieces that work together to explain how meditation can be used to induce a lucid dream. The book is informative and offers a template text on which the lucid dreamer can create their own meditational landscape. The MP3 is a recording of  a version of the guided meditation template with ambient music in the background but, if anything, I found it to be distracting rather than relaxing. I am not a great fan of guided meditation but the quality of the MP3 is high and therefore to be applauded if only on terms of its production values. Whether or not the recording has an effect on my dreams will be revealed within the dream journal.

I would score the second and third parts of the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track a satisfactory 7/10.


In summation I would suggest that the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track is well worth discovering. The lifetime update ensures that a supply of guided meditation MP3s and the latest scientific findings are regularly available and the 60 day guarantee offers the kind of safeguard that even the most cautious person would find hard to criticise. World Of Lucid Dreaming

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World Of Lucid Dreaming Lifetime Update

Before starting on the dream journal I thought it would be only fair to announce that the first of the lifetime updates has officially been released and sent out to all the lucid dreamers that have already signed up for the package.

The latest upgrade includes a entirely new Lucid dreaming hypnosis session that I will be trialling over the coming days. The recording is intended for use as a night version of the original and is distinct in that the voice-over gradually recedes to allow an uninterrupted Wake Induced Lucid Dream.

The arrival of the update is a bonus for all those people that have already enjoyed the course and is a real display of generosity. The lifetime update is a great promise, and one to be taken seriously.

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Lucid Dreaming And Neuroscience.

The Rise Of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams have been, until recently, associated with the farthest margins of academia, at least where science is concerned. Scientists, the most objective of sorts, have long distanced themselves in fear of becoming entangled in mysticism and subjectivity, whilst psychologists, although more open to enquiry of mental states, have largely focused on theories of social learning and cognitive development. Wherever the faint whiff of mysticism resides you can be sure that only the most esoteric of academics will venture, and so being the case lucid dreaming has long been overlooked as the province of the rogue psychologist, the ethnologist, and the assorted folk of the religious studies department. To put it bluntly, lucid dreaming was not a proper subject for study.

Yet times change, and what was once the pariah subject is now becoming embedded in one of the hottest subjects of the age, neuroscience.  This change in the level of attention that the subject receives is mirrored in the changes in the way in which the subject has been studied. For instance, in Allan Hobson’s 2009 article “The neurobiology of consciousness: lucid dreaming wakes up,” it is shown how 20 years of lucid dreaming research has evolved from simply collecting personal accounts and self reporting of dreams to the current emphaisis on empirical observation of brain activity using sensors, scanners and the like. Lucid dreaming has been absorbed by neuroscience, and in so being it has gained a level of credibility previously denied it by the majority of researchers.  And the result is not only a heightening of the profile of lucid dreaming but also significant gain in our understanding of consciousness. Pardon the paradox if you will but the world has finally woken up to lucid dreaming.

Contemporary Research Into Lucid Dreaming.

The earliest studies of lucid dreaming would involve people simply recording their experiences in journals, little more was possible in a scientific sense, and, for the dreamer, little more was of such importance. The real pioneers of the discipline, LaBerge, Hearne and Ogilvie, took the study one step further in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s by showing that lucid dreams were empirically, rather than subjectively, recordable. Their work was fundamental to the future of dream research and from thereon, with the added impact on funding that credibility brings, it became possible for researchers to study the electrical activity of the brain too.

The course material from The World of Lucid Dreaming goes into much greater detail than I will here, however, it is suffice to say that the movement towards recording brain activity during sleep was fundamental to the process of discovering how sleep is patterned and when during the sleep cycle the most likely time for a lucid dream occurs. With these added details the study of lucid dreaming really became something that everybody could learn to do.

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Moving the clock forward another twenty years researchers in the University of Frankfurt discovered a peak in brain activity that correlated lucid dream activity with the mental states of meditation. The “40hz spike” occurs in the frontal lobe area and suggests that lucidity during sleep echoes the states of mind explored in Eastern religions.

Lucid Dreams And Dream Yoga

The discovery of a connection between lucid dreaming and Eastern mysticism has resulted in an increase in interest in the practice of dream yoga and meditation. Blending anecdotal accounts with scientific rigour it has been increasingly evident that similar mental phenomena occur during these events. How these events are interpreted remains open to discussion; whether lucid dreaming validates Buddhist claims about the tri-layered nature of consciousness, or whether the Buddhist structure of the nature of reality validates lucid dreaming, remains moot. What can be said with some certainty however is that the regular practice of meditation helps to induce lucid dreams.

Dream yoga is such a significant part of lucid dream studies that it is one of the three main branches of research currently being undertaken by Stephan LaBerge, one of the founders of contemporary dream studies and founder of the Lucidity Institute in San Diego.

With the current status of lucid dream studies at an  all time high it is almost certain that more will be discovered in the coming years. However, as The World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track includes a lifetime of free updates to the material keeping up with current research should not be difficult.

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What is Lucid Dreaming?

Before I enter into an appraisal of the course materials in the World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track system I feel it would be helpful to define exactly what an experience of lucid dreaming might be. We’ve all dreamt after all. We’ve all had moments of  reverie when our imaginations have soared to unexpected heights, and we’ve all experienced the disorientation and absurdity that can manifest in the dream world. Yet, for the sake of clarity, what are people talking about when they talk about lucid dreaming? What is a lucid dream?

Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dream: Surrealism and Absurdity.

The Lucid Dream: Surrealism and Absurdity.

Lucid dreaming occurs in the dream state when you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming but do not awaken. It is a moment of realisation within the dream which, if the dreamer can learn to control, opens the door for a more active engagement with the unconscious dreaming process.

Lucidity in a dream holds out the hope of something beyond the passive and screen view types of regular dreaming. It offers the chance to actively influence the outcome of the dream, to construct the dream environment, to select and imagine events, and to interact with the characters of the dream. When the technique is mastered it results in a greater and deeper level of fantasy in which the impossible can be attempt and desires can be fulfilled. When all is said and done, who wouldn’t want to learn how to lucid dream?

Lucid Dream Your Way To Excellence.

Lucid dreaming is not all about gaining the perfect hedonistic sleep though. As much as I feel drawn to the prospect of nightly fantasies that I can directly influence there exists a more serious side to this phenomenon that deserves attention. Lucid dreaming can affect your waking life too.

It has been established for many years that the process of actively engaging in the technique of lucid dreaming makes it possible to affect the outcome of your daily life. Sleep and dreaming have been, for many years, researched by the psychology departments of the greatest universities on the planet and the subject is mainstream enough to receive funding from governments, businesses and investors. As a subject it has it’s own role call of stars, it’s league of hero’s and it’s innovators. Lucid dreaming is part of a tradition of excellence.

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There have been cases of surgeons using the technique of lucid dreaming to practice surgery in their sleep, and in doing so improving their waking life outcomes. Using lucid dreaming techniques as a way of rehearsing for success in daily life is well documented and is now part of the folk lore that surrounds the subject. Public speaking, athletic performance, crisis management; there is literally nothing that lucid dreaming cannot help you to achieve.

Lucid Dream

The Lucidity Institute.

When talking about lucid dreaming it is almost essential to mention the work of the Lucidity Institute. Established as a private research company by Dr. Stephan LaBerge, the Lucidity Institute is the home of lucid dreaming. The institute facilitates several retreats throughout the year, engages in publicising the field of lucid dreaming, and conducts lucid dreaming research into the various branches of the subject. They are currently pursuing several projects, and have a strong focus on mapping the activity of the brain during lucid dreaming, delving into the practice of Tibetan dream yoga, and training people in the arts of conscious awareness.


The World Of Lucid Dreaming Fast Track includes much of what has been learnt from the pioneering work of the institute and builds on those foundations to take the uninitiated on a journey into full dream awareness.


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